2 Port Lift & Lay Valves VUN

This range of 2 port lift and lay brass bodied valves are suitable for use as a mixing or diverter valve for commercial and light commercial applications. Valves come with threaded half union connections.

Technical Data

Product code Valve Size Flow Rate Connection Characteristic
VUN015F350 DN15 0.4 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
VUN015F340 DN15 0.63 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
VUN015F330 DN15 1 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
VUN015F320 DN15 1.6 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
VUN015F310 DN15 2.5 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
VUN015F300 DN15 4 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
VUN020F300 DN20 6.3 Kvs 3/4" Female Linear
VUN025F300 DN25 10 Kvs 1" Female Linear
VUN032F300 DN32 16 Kvs 1 1/4" Female Linear
VUN040F300 DN40 22 Kvs 1 1/2" Female Linear
VUN050F200 DN50 40 Kvs 2" Female Equal Percentage
Temperature Range -15…150°C
Leakage Rate ≤0.02% of Kvs
PN Rating PN16
Nominal Stroke 8mm

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