3 Port Lift & Lay Valves BUN

This range of 3 port lift and lay brass bodied valves are suitable for use as a mixing or diverter valve for commercial and light commercial applications. Valves come with threaded half union connections.

Technical Data

Product code Valve Size Flow Rate Connection Characteristic
BUN015F330 DN15 1 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
BUN015F320 DN15 1.6 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
BUN015F310 DN15 2.5 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
BUN015F300 DN15 4 Kvs 1/2" Female Linear
BUN020F300 DN20 6.3 Kvs 3/4" Female Linear
BUN025F300 DN25 10 Kvs 1" Female Linear
BUN032F300 DN32 16 Kvs 1 1/4" Female Linear
BUN040F300 DN40 22 Kvs 1 1/2" Female Linear
BUN050F200 DN50 40 Kvs 2" Female Equal Percentage
Temperature Range -15…150°C
Leakage Rate ≤0.02% of Kvs
Pn Rating PN16
Nominal Stroke 8mm

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