Gas Detectors Beta

This range of residential and light commercial gas detectors with replaceable sensors may be used for Natural Gas, LPG or Carbon Monoxide. Features include an audible and visual alarm as well as an in built relay.

Technical Data

product code Gas Type Alarm Level Power supply detector type
Beta752NG Natural Gas 10% LEL 230Vac Standalone
Beta752LPG LPG 10% LEL 230Vac Standalone
Beta752CO CO 300ppm x 1min 230Vac Standalone
Beta754NG Natural Gas 10% LEL 230Vac or 12V dc Central Unit
Beta756NG Natural Gas 10% LEL Remote Unit
Beta754LPG LPG 10% LEL Central Unit
Beta756LPG LPG 10% LEL Remote Unit
Beta754CO CO 300ppm x 1min Central Unit
Beta756CO CO 300ppm x 1min Remote Unit
IP Rating IP42
Sound Level 85 dB

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