Priority Hot Water Pack – PDHW

Working with OpenTherm®, this PDHW control pack comprising of 1 no. CP4 RF Room Thermostat,  1 no. CP4-HW Hot Water Thermostat, 2 no. 2 Port 22mm Motorised Valves, and a wiring centre.

This pack ensures higher efficiency with lower demand on the boiler.

Allows flow and return temperatures to be reduced thereby increasing the efficiency of the heating circuit

Lower flow and return temperatures ensure the boiler operates within its condensing range.

Connecting the OFF contact of the hot water receiver to the COM contact of the heating receiver will give priority hot water. Once the hot water is called for, the heating will not operate.

5 year warrantyCE UK CA

Technical Data

Product code Compression Motorised Valve Room Stat Hot Water Stat Wiring Centre
C00P-221981 V222P x 2 CP4 CP4-HW WC2

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