Servo Assisted Solenoid Valves M29

Servo assisted normally open solenoid valves suitable for large flow capacity, suitable for water, air, fuel-oil, inert gases and other non-corrosive fluids, for copper alloys fluids with viscosity up to 2° Engler.

Technical Data

product code Valve Size Flow Rate Max Differential Pressure Testing Pressure
M29D13 DN15 3.0Kvs 20 Bar PN25
M29E20 DN20 8.4Kvs 20 Bar PN25
M29F25 DN25 9.6Kvs 20 Bar PN25
M29G35 DN32 25.2Kvs 10 Bar PN16
M29H40 DN40 30Kvs 10 Bar PN16
M29I50 DN50 37.2Kvs 10 Bar PN16
Temperature Range -10…90°C
Ip Rating IP65
Minimum Differential Pressure 0.1Bar

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